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      PSA Meeting

      The next PSA meeting is being held in the entrance hall on Wednesday 22nd February at 7pm.  All welcome.

      Please join us for an update on the upcoming events: St Paul's Got Talent show and the Comedy Night.  The PSA is currently fundraising for a new school piano.

      Relaxation Recording

      We have now enjoyed three very successful well-being days and look forward to our next one on Tuesday 28th March.  One of our mums, Giselle Monbiot (Axel Year 4 and Elsie YR) has come in on well-being days to do some relaxation with the children.  Giselle is a Stress Specialist and she has very kindly produced a relaxation recording for everyone to use - suitable for both children and adults.  If you would like further information on relaxation techniques, feel free to contact Giselle at

      Design a Vegetable Garden

      How would you plant the hexagonal vegetable patch? Now’s your chance to show off your design skills. Find the competition entry form here.

      Severe Weather Procedures

      See the details of our severe weather procedures here.

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